Distinguished experts discussed at a virtual forum the moral, social, legal, and historical aspects of reparations proposals that have surfaced in California and across the country. Titled the “Rise of Reparations,” the discussion took place last week and was co-sponsored by Defend American Ideals, the Pacific Legal Foundation, and the Pacific Research Institute.

The speakers pointed out the moral pitfalls of reparations and criticized policies premised on the belief that blacks could only win if whites lose. The forum also called for the government to stop discriminating on the basis of race, including by conferring benefits such as reparations payments.


The following speakers participated in the virtual event.

Keynote Speaker: Robert L. Woodson, Sr., Founder, Woodson Center

Speakers and Moderators:

Betty Chu, Vice Chair, Defend American Ideals; Former Mayor, Monterey Park, CA
Ying Ma, President, Defend American Ideals; President, American Ideals PAC
Andrew Quinio, Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation
Joshua Thompson, Director of Equality and Opportunity Litigation, Pacific Legal Foundation